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Courses taught at St. Cloud State University

The courses I teach in the Dept. of Biological Sciences vary among years with the needs of our department and students, but I typically teach the following classes. Generally, I teach 5 - 6 classes in an academic year.

Main Courses

Careers in Ecology & Evolution (BIOL 222)

Zoology (with lab) (BIOL 308)

Herpetology (with lab) (BIOL 411/511)

Comparative Animal Behavior (BIOL 441/541)

Conservation and Management of Animals (with lab) (BIOL 461/561)

I've also taught several other classes at SCSU, including:

  • Current Issues in Biology (BIOL 620) (Topic: Urban Ecology & Evolution)

  • The Living World (BIOL 102)

  • Special Topics in Biology (BIOL 610). Topics have included:

    • Genomics: A toolkit​

    • Communicating Science

  • Wildlife Populations (with lab) (BIOL 442/542)​

A group of students wearing gloves looks at a tadpole up close under a digital microscope, which is projecting the tadpole's mouth on a monitor.

Photo note: Students in Herpetology examining tadpole anatomy under digital microscopes. Photo by: J.Y. Lamb.

A brown toad is being measured with a metal set of callipers.

Photo note: Jen demonstrating how to measure an American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus) with callipers. Photo by John Solberg (former BIOL 411 student).

A photo of a notebook entry. Discussed are environmental conditions at the field site, including weather, and a drawing of a gree treefrog.

Photo note: In classes where I take students into the field we discuss and practice keeping a field notebook. This is part of an entry from Kendahl Chergosky's field notebook (used with permission).

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